What We Do

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Bringing Transformations

Kenyans have lost faith in mainstream state driven processes of development and are increasingly becoming more and more critical of the other centers of civic mobilisation.  Whether this trend is driven by the lack of a specific character of the civil society, government or the private sector or lack of known standards and priorities to which the leadership of these three pillars of society oblige and comply with is not useful scholarship.  What is useful and true is that the characters of the dominant mainstream ideologies are deceptive and can only lead to exploitation.


Our Strategy

Ujamaa Center was thus founded as an experiment in spirituality and volunteerism, an experiment in constructing alternative systems to these mainstream ideologies.  The Center is registered in Kenya as a not for profit, non-governmental organization under the NGOs Act. Too often community development is seen purely to be about programs, five-year plans, sets of activities, which can be quantified and reported; school buildings, boreholes, food for relief etc. Village level workers therefore often find themselves under pressure to achieve certain sets of goals within given time periods which forces them to employ less democratic methods to speed up programs.


Transforming Lives

Ujamaa takes a different approach; for Ujamaa community development is a crusade, a cause to which one must be deeply committed; while it is not neutral, community development carries with it an emotional charge; it is dedicated to progress as a philosophy not science. Progress must be seen with reference to certain values and goals within a given political and social system. Community development is thus a movement institutionalized through organizational structure and accepted procedure. Participation is active and driven by the community almost spontaneously. In the areas where Ujamaa has worked many agree that it is time to take on this understanding.


We Value You

Ujamaa Center works with communities and community groups in policy-oriented action research, awareness creation networking and advocacy for effective policy implementation.  Through its collaboration with community groups, the Center helps build the capacities of these groups for policy research, analysis, networking and advocacy. In this connection, the Center sees participatory and accountable local level environmental governance as the foundation for democracy and security.


Join us to reach the world

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